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My mother, Bunt Thomas came up with this recipe in her early years of cooking. You know, cooking back in the the early 1900's by her was a pinch of this and of that. All from scratch.

6-14-1912 to 2-18-2011
Whiskey Cake
Shelf Life 12 Months - Weight 14 Oz.

That's the way we make this wonderful cake. The way she made it in the early days of her life. She still lives in Lynchburg, and we are making this cake right here in our home town. The cake is flavored with Jack Daniel's Whiskey This makes this local product even better. There's no other cake on the market that originated and is still being made right here in Lynchburg, Tennessee, just like the product it is flavored with. Of course, she didn't use the local product, but what else could you do for enhancement?


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The Lynchburg Whiskey Ball is another of our old recipes with a little altering. The milk chocolate candy is flavored with nothing better than our Tennessee Hometown Whiskey. Our candy along with our whiskey cakes are made right here in Lynchburg, just 1 mile from the world famous whiskey distillery. We know that you will like them. You may order as many as you want and with the convenience of paypal by using your charge card.

Whiskey Balls Chocolate candy

Shelf Life 6 Months


Lynchburg Whiskey Praline Pecans is another product developed here on the farm in our little bakery. They are made with mammoth size pecan halves and packed 5 oz. to the bag.  



Packages will ship within 48 hours.

The Lynchburg Whiskey Cakes are $12.95 each, the Praline Pecans $5.50 a bag, the 2 Piece Whiskey Balls are $2.75 each and the 4 Piece Whiskey Balls are $4.75 each.

PriceShipping charge
$0.01-$7.00 $6.00
$7.01-$20.00 $8.00
$20.01-$50.00 $11.00
$50.01-$75.00 $16.00
$75.01-up $20.00
Please email me for a shipping quote on orders above $100.00.

Whiskey Balls (Large): $4.75
Whiskey Balls (Small): $2.75
Whiskey Cake: $12.95

Whiskey Praline Pecans: $5.50


Gift Baskets available.

Gift Baskets


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